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LAPAR Control Valve

Lapar is a diversified manufacturer of globe control valves, ball control valves, butterfly control valves, automatic regulating valves and specialty control valves for your specific application.

Our factories complie with the strictest standards of health and safety and holds all the main quality certifications.

With our specialized manufacturing and applications experience, we serve the broader process industry base and are a stable partner to engineering contractors and plant builders.

Ability, demand-based

  • Factory design oriented to meet customer expectations/delivery time

  • Tailor-made and cost-effective solutions for you

  • Manufacturing expertise and extensive application experience


Ability, in control

LAPAR offers a diverse range of products for various sectors of the process industry, from water supply and drainage to chemicals, from food and beverage to oil and gas, from cryogenic fluids to corrosive fluids and toxic substances, LAPAR offers products with custom design features and materials to meet Industry specific requirements.

Ability, withstand testing

LAPAR is a professional manufacturing and service provider in the field of control valves, focusing on developing the best solutions using state-of-the-art R&D centers. We have a fully automatic flow laboratory for Cv testing and functional testing of control valves, and a physical and chemical analysis laboratory for physical properties and chemical composition testing of materials.


Ability, comes from challenges

LAPAR has proven expertise in the fields of fine chemicals, thermal energy, new energy, fertilizers, oil and gas, petrochemicals and other industries, able to meet the harsh conditions prevalent in the process industry and for demanding process control applications in the industrial sector Providing novel concepts and customized solutions.

Ability, iconstantly expanding

With years of accumulation of production technology and application experience, along with the development of industrial processes, our products are constantly expanding, and new products are constantly emerging. On the premise of meeting technical requirements and cost effectiveness, we provide customers and users with more novel concepts and more intelligent control valves.


We are here to support you

Our professional and efficient manufacturing, sales and service teams are ready to serve you. We know that markets are closely connected, requirements are time bound and opportunities are immense, so we will provide support in the most correct way when you need it most.