Fluorine Lined Single Seat Control Valve

Fluorine lined bellows control valve

Fluorine lined bellows control valve

Fluorine lined bellows control valve is bellows sealed globe control valve complying with emission standard ISO15848 & TA-LUFT. All wetted parts are fluorine lining. The lining is nested on the valve body, which is firm and not easy to fall off. It can withstand certain negative pressure and can be used for gas medium with low fugitive packing. The valve is usually fluorine lined. In order to adapt to high pressure conditions it also can use Hastelloy C as bellows material.

It is used for the regulation and control of corrosive, harmful, pure and small amount of solid media in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Size Range
DN 25 - 250 / 1" - 10"
Pressure Rate
PN10 – PN40
Class 150 -Class 300
Temperature range
-60 to +200 °C / -75 to +400 °F
ISO5752-R.1 (DIN 558-1 R.1)
End Connection
Flanged, Flat Face or Raised Face flange
Standard, Bellow Sealed.
Class IV, V, & VI (FCI-70.2) Standard Leakage Rates, soft seating Class VI-Bubble tight (Zero Leakage)
From Down to Up
Pneumatic Diaphragm, Piston or Electrical.
Pneumatic Positioner, Electro Pneumatic Positioner, Limit Switch, SOV, Air lock relay, Volume Booster, AFR, Position Transmitter.

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